Splashing Out

Council is growing a sense of community and taking advantage of the warm climate by providing more opportunities for outdoor recreation and leisure activities through enhanced community facilities and spaces.

Project information

The Splashing Out initiative revitalise the Swimming and Fitness Centre, enhancing the amenities (new play equipment and water activities) and liveability of our growing city (provide a community hub to help children learn to swim). 

  • Refurbish 50m pool
  • Upgrade existing pool plant equipment
  • Toddler's play pool
  • Aquatic adventure play
  • New cafe
  • New amenities with national 'best practice' approach
  • Warm water play program 
Cost and duration

Stage 1: Estimated $10 million over 2 years. 

  • Enhance the amenity of the local area
  • Provides greater health and lifestyle choices
  • Increases social diversion and youth engagement
  • Creates local jobs
  • Improves the attractiveness of the city 
  • Reduces effects of heat and climate
  • Scalable project (elements can be developed and rolled out over time)

Current status  

Stage 1: $80,000 joint initiative between Northern Territory Government and City of Palmerston for concept planning
Stage 2: Funding partnership between Federal, Northern Territory Government and City of Palmerston

Photos below: new play equipment for the swimming centre upgrade