All dogs in the Palmerston Municipal area must be registered annually. Registration ensures Council can contact you if your dog goes missing.

Council has issued dog registration renewal notices for 2019/2020 which were due on 31 August. Renewal payments are now overdue.

Registration renewals payment can be made at Council's Customer Service or online via the 'Pay Online' quicklink on our homepage.

For new registrations, payment can be made at Council's Customer Service. Registration forms are available at Customer Service or download the registration form.

The standard annual fee per sterilised/ de-sexed dog, per entire dog can be found here

A licence to keep more than two dogs is required, please contact our Rangers for information about the application process on 8935 9977. A license will be issued following an approval process. Fees apply. 

Any change to your dog's details (e.g. change of address, death) needs to be reported to Council to ensure our records are up to date.

Council offers free registration for desexed and microchipped dogs that have been adopted through community groups during their first financial year.

This concession only applies to dogs that are desexed, microchipped and reside within the Palmerston municipality. The owner of the dog/s will need to provide proof of adoption when submitting registration paperwork to Council.

Cats do not need to be registered in Palmerston. 


Dog registration 
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Change of dog details
Statutory declaration-desexing
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Dog rehoming