City of Palmerston has committed to preparing a Rates Strategy for the next ten years in consultation with the community. 

The purpose of the City of Palmerston Rates Strategy is to:

  • Determine a fair method of raising revenue from rates.
  • Ensure that the money raised through rating property owners, in conjunction with other income sources, will guarantee the long-term financial sustainability of the Council; and
  • Ensure that Council has sufficient measures in place to support community groups, pensioners and those suffering from hardship.

To implement this strategy, Council established a volunteer-based Community Reference Group (CRG) to provide ideas, concepts and feedback to form part of the development.

Members of the CRG were given the opportunity to:

  • Attend and participate in CRG meetings and be briefed on the preparation process.
  • Articulate interest, ideas, concerns and perspectives that will help shape the Rating Strategy.
  • Work as team members and participate in collaborative discussions.
  • Convey feedback to Council staff from members of the community; and
  • Review the draft Rates Strategy.


Successful nominees attended four facilitated evening meetings on:

  • Thursday 20 September
  • Thursday 27 September
  • Wednesday 17 October
  • Thursday 6 December

These meetings were facilitated by an external independent agency.

Key documentation

Summary of workshop one held on 20 September
Summary of workshop two held on 27 September
Summary of workshop three held on 17 October 
Summary of workshop four held on 17 October
Outcomes Report

Next Steps

Following the four CRG meetings that took place in 2018, Council has now considered the next steps for the Rates Strategy and has committed to commencing broader consultation in August 2019. This timeframe ensures there is no conflict or confusion between this important consultation and other consultation activities Council has recently undertaken, such as the Municipal Plan and Budget 2019/20, or school holidays.

Following the consultation process, Council will finalise the Rates Strategy, including making a decision on the future rating methodology. Any change to Council's rating methodology following the consultation process will be communicated back to the community in late 2019 and will become effective for the 2020/21 financial year.

Project Stages

  • Open This consultation is open for contributions.
  • Under Review Council is considering feedback.
  • Closed This consultation is closed for contributions.