Pop-up dining will be trialled in Palmerston during the 2019 Dry Season at Sanctuary Lakes in Gunn.

The initiative aims to: 

  • Engage community 
  • Foster community pride and spirit
  • Provide a variety of dining options for Palmerston families
  • Increase opportunities for social engagements and events
  • Attract tourists and visitors to Palmerston
  • Activate public spaces

Application guidelines

We encourage applicants to read the information kit prior to submitting an application. The kit provides information on how the initiative works and how to get involved.

Applications closed Friday 29 March. The program will begin from Wednesday 1 May. 

More information

Please read the FAQs or contact our Lifestyle and Community Department on (08) 8935 9972.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the permit fee?

Approved vendors will be required to pay the annual fee of $25.00.

How many vendors will operate at the location? 

The number of vendors operating will be restricted to two (at any one time) during the trial period. Monitoring of the trial vendors, further research, a market gap analysis and consultation will be undertaken through the trial period.

What are the hours of operation?

Hours of operation are restricted to between 6.30am to 8.00pm Monday to Sunday.

Can alcohol be sold?

No. Should vendors wish to allow BYO alcohol to be consumed at the dining venue, operators must apply for a permit according the Northern Territory Liquor Act part VIIIB Regulated Places Division 1 Consumption of Liquor in a regulated place.

Who can apply?

Food truck/stall operators who can work with us to activate this public space and offer unique food experiences are encouraged to apply. Prospective vendors must operate from a mobile-based food operation; that is, from a vehicle or mobile facility.

How do I apply?

Applications are to be submitted online via this website.

What information will I need to have before I apply?

You will need the following documents to complete this application:
•    Photos or artist impression of the food truck/stall
•    Description of food offering and detailed menu
•    Photos of food items
•    Links to social media accounts
•    Dimensions of food truck/stall
•    Description of environmentally sustainable practices
•    Registration of a Food Business