Activities and project objectives

Council's Digital Strategy 2021 identifies that enabling social value through technology is critical for the future of Palmerston.

It further identifies three key principles:

  • Safe and sound
  • Connected and enabled
  • Interact and engage

Building on that, Council has welcomed a $2 million tri-partnership between the Australian and Territory Governments to deliver a series of Smart City initiatives that focus on the following:

  • Smart Infrastructure (Improving the efficiency, reliability, delivery and maintenance of infrastructure and essential services);
  • Smart Precincts, (Making community precincts more liveable, productive, sustainable and safe);
  • Smart Services and Communities (Delivering community focussed local government services); and
  • Smart Planning and Design (Building adaptable and resilient cities through improved land use, strategic planning and governance).

Unlike many Australian cities, Council is in the unique position of owning and controlling streetlights. Smart streetlights will form the backbone and are part of the implementation of a future Smart City.

The Smart Cities Program also provides a unique opportunity to utilise smart technology to make Palmerston a safer place for people. The utilisation of HD CCTV, sound analytics and Smart Lighting as examples could vastly reduce antisocial behaviour and assist police in targeted areas of crime hot spots in the municipality.

Project plan and duration

It is anticipated works will commence in early 2019 and be completed within 18 months. Council has received in principle support of $500,000 from the Northern Territory Government, as well as a grant of $1 million from the Australian Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

Combined with Council’s investment of $500,000, this will provide $2 million in Smart City initiatives to the Palmerston community and commence the roll out of Council’s Digital Strategy.