City of Palmerston is undertaking works to rehabilitate the Archer landfill site. The landfill operated from 1993 until the site was closed in 2011.

Council has been working with the NT EPA over a number of years to monitor the closed landfill. In April 2015, the EPA issued a pollution abatement notice (PAN) which sets out a range of monitoring and risk assessment actions to be implemented by Council in relation to the site. The PAN is available for download from the NTEPA website.

Engineering consultant GHD has been involved in the monitoring and review of the Archer site and has also undertaken the design work for the rehabilitation construction activities. GHD has also been engaged to provide construction quality control engineering services.

Remediation is being undertaken in 3 stages. Stage 1 was undertaken in 2016 with Stages 2 and 3 currently underway.

Project overview