The library welcomes donations and contributions. Donations will be added to the collection, provided they meet the required selection criteria.

Donations that are not required for the collection are disposed of through book sales or offered to other libraries. Donations or contributions made with conditions attached to them will be accepted at the discretion of the Manager Library Services.

The library also uses a combination of one or more of the following criteria in evaluating material for inclusion in the collection:

  • Importance of the item to the balance of the collection
  • Actual or potential demand for the item
  • Timeliness or permanence of the work
  • Quality of the writing
  • Reputation and significance of the author and/or publisher
  • Appropriateness for the library
  • Appropriateness of age level and content
  • Cost and format
  • Currency and accuracy of the item
  • Degree of bias, if any
  • For non-fiction: the number of books on the same subject already held by the library
  • For fiction: the number of copies held and whether it is part of a series
  • Physical condition of the item i.e. damaged, age spots, dirty, clean